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9 thoughts on “ Love Is Like A Puzzle

  1. Sakazahn
    all feeling are pieces of puzzle. you see love is like a puzzle. you try to find the right piece to fit right spot.
  2. Vinos
    Sep 19,  · Love is Like (My Hero Academia One-shots) Like putting two pieces of a puzzle together. Writer of Fanfics. Shouto Todoroki x Male Reader Quirk: The ability to change the temperature of water You and Shouto instantly clicked when you first met. Which was when you were both 5. Your father is a very important figure head of a major company.
  3. Shagul
    Jun 03,  · Love is like a puzzle. When you're in love, all the pieces fit but when your heart gets broken, it takes a while to get everything back together! * All By Me.. Enshalla U will Like it ^_^Views: K.
  4. Aragami
    Sep 22,  · My belief on love is that it’s like a puzzle, which ends when you get the last piece, so in that case eventually love will end for you when you have no more pieces left. You can start from the outside then move on to the inside, or you can start from the inside then move to the outside, or you can do both and take your time with the puzzle.
  5. Mukazahn
    Puzzles are like songs.A good puzzle can give you all the pleasure of being duped that a mystery story can. It has surface innocence, surprise, the revelation of a .
  6. Fenrigis
    What Love Really Is Love is like a puzzle, a four letter-puzzle that most people spend their entire lives slowly putting it together piece by piece. Love is also comparable to a Rubik 's Cube, it needs knowledge, variety, time, playfulness, and patience. There is not guarantee the puzzle will be solved, but if it is, it will have that happily ever after feeling.
  7. Tojas
    Love is a puzzle. I can't think of one thing about it that doesn't fit beautifully. When two people realize that they match, they click together, and stay together as long as they match for. Some people don't want to match. The keep their hearts locked for a special person, with a shape to their puzzle piece being the only one that fits only.
  8. Dishicage
    Love is like a war - easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget - it doesn't decide who wins, only who's left. by April: Love which has been tested by distance and obstacles, and has passed, is true love. by Wilian: Love is a pathway of many colors and dead ends. But when the right path is .
  9. Nakree
    Puzzle Love is like a beautiful flower - online jigsaw puzzle games. Jigsaw puzzles, puzzle games for kids. Play free jigsaw puzzle Love is like a beautiful flower. Nature Food Flowers Animals Buildings People Cartoons For kids Vehicles Technology Games Movies.