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8 thoughts on “ Differences - Various - There Is No Reason To Be Happy (Vinyl)

  1. Tojashakar
    Jul 09,  · The Difference Between Vinyl & CD. This is a big topic, but I will try to cover it on a high level. In really simple terms, the answer lies with the differences between analogue and digital. Sound sources are by definition, analogue, so from that perspective analogue is closer to the original sound source and technically superior.
  2. Kigamuro
    Apr 08,  · Then CD came and I was really happy for that. (I am grown up with vinyl so I have encounter the difference.) I can not however argue that all CD:s are “better” then vinyl but CD can really be good and I don’t have to hear those clicks that comes with the vinyl. I have no plans to go back to vinyl.
  3. Talmaran
    Feb 18,  · Clearly this might be a rookie question but I'm looking for a expert answer. what is the difference between a vinyl record and a LP? my album collection now of the likes of j dilla and nijabes all say LP but some 45s and some of my 10" say vinyl with no sign of a LP stamp.
  4. Maukasa
    The experience is very difference when listening to vinyl. You can't skip to certain songs without walking over to the turntable. You can't make a mix of your favorite songs, and you can't go running or ride the bus with your turntable.
  5. Fauran
    Let’s start off by talking a bit about what the different types of vinyl are. PSST – If you are brand new to crafting with vinyl, be sure to check out my Vinyl page to find all of my vinyl resources for beginners. TYPES OF CRAFT VINYL. There are two basic types of vinyl – Adhesive Vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl. Within each of those.
  6. Gardajora
    There are also all sorts of dull mathematical reasons and issues around slew rates etc which create sound differences between digital and analogue. Vinyl is often sonically better with a well set up TT, a good recording, and mastered and pressed properly, simply because there is less being done to the sound - tinned fruit vs fresh fruit.
  7. Sami
    Excellent sounding classics on nice heavy vinyl. No warping was present on my particular album that seems to plague so many new records. A retro album cover that has alot of soul and nice gatefold artwork with track listings rounds out a very nice listening experience that with the proper set up has a very nice warm sound that is needed for a Christmas album/5().
  8. Grokus
    Jun 30,  · it’s the same thing, right? No! It’s much different. To me, streaming music is like a picture of the art. In the end you’re not left with anything tangible. Not really. And CD’s are sterile and identical. There’s nothing to a CD. Someone converted music into digits. I have a massive vinyl collection of the both 45’s and LP’s.